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April 19, 2021



 Cylinders and actuators for practically any application

The proven, industry-standard AVENTICS pneumatic cylinders and actuators from Emerson are among the essential components of today's automated systems. No matter how compact or demanding your application is, AVENTICS has a solution that exceeds your performance standards and fits into your available space.


•    Standard Cylinder - ISO-compliant and lightweight cylinders offer a variety of options that meet special requirements.

•    NFPA Cylinders - AVENTICS interchangeable NFPA cylinders have a long service life in the most demanding applications, allow easy installation, and offer outstanding performance characteristics.

•    Round Cylinders - Cylinders in a compact, robust design that meets even the strictest requirements of various areas of application.

•    Short stroke and compact cylinders - Simple, weight-optimized design with an almost universal connection, these extremely popular cylinders can function in tight spaces

• Cylinder/valve unites - Ideal for decentralized use in applications with simple assembly and connection as well as an increased temperature range.

•    Rodless cylinders -  AVENTICS rodless cylinders with and without a guide offer high performance for demanding applications.

•    Guide cylinders -  AVENTICS products guide the materials precisely into their exact position in automated applications and set the standards for handling technology.

•    Double Piston Cylinder - Compact design in tight, stackable bodies, these cylinders are suitable for a wide variety of automated applications

•    Rotary actuators - The wide range of angles of rotation and torque values enables these rotary actuators to be used in most applications •    Bellow actuators -  Available in single, double and triple bellows. Designed to hold in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

•    Special cylinders and assemblies - Cylinders, piston rod clamps, and drives for special applications.

•    Grapple - Large selection of grippers for handling materials with maximum precision and reliability.

•    Cylinder accessories - Fittings, sensors, electrical and other cylinders and actuator accessories that complete your application solution


Pneumatic valves and valve systems valves and valve

    Emerson leads the way in providing efficient valves and valve systems for the most demanding automation tasks. Our modular technology can adapt to your changing business needs and increasing performance requirements. Our portfolio, supported by a wide range of connectivity options as well as functional accessories, offers the right solution for automated applications in the automotive, food/beverage and packaging industries as well as in many other industries.


•    Directional control valves - High flow in a compact package with a wide range of actuation and connectivity options.

•    Valve systems - Valve systems with the adaptability and quality to meet the most demanding requirements for functionality and connectivity.

•    Standardized valves - Robust and with a wide range of options, our standard valves are adapted to ISO standards for many environments.

•    Proportional flow control valves - Extremely precise and dynamic flow control for a wide range of applications and environmental conditions.

•    Proportional pressure regulating valves - Extremely precise and dynamic pressure control for a wide range of applications and environmental conditions.

•    Safety valves - Valve technology that ensures safe operations and process control in many applications and industries.

•    Flow valves and shut-off valves - Effective flow control and reliable shut-off with multiple mounting options to customize the application.

•    Field bus and I/O - Direct integration of valve systems into the control structure of your machine with numerous I / O and sensor options.


Compressed air treatment

    Untreated compressed air creates many problems in automated systems. Dirt, oil, and other contaminants can disrupt sensitive applications and reduce the life and efficiency of automated equipment. Emerson's compressed air treatment products make air quality standards a “safe bet”. Our products for compressed air preparation, series of filters, regulators and lubricators (FRL), special valves, and replacement filters support the smooth and safe operation of numerous industrial applications.


•    Devices for the preparation of compressed air - The modular versatility of our devices for compressed air preparation can be expanded or retrofitted according to the changing requirements of your application.

•    Equipment - Hoses, gauges, sensors, and other mounting hardware and products that complete numerous configurable applications.


Intelligent technologies

    At Emerson, we recognize that smart technology starts with smart choices. With the rapidly expanding IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) ecosystem, it becomes important for companies to modernize that improves business results and justifies investments. Their intelligent, innovative solutions adapt to your production methods and serve new communication and data strategies. Together with you, we make sure that it works for you where your need is greatest.


•    Electronically enhanced valves - Solenoid valves that reduce complexity for customers and offer flexible voltage ranges for demanding applications.

•    Smart pneumatics monitor - Monitor the condition and energy efficiency of your pneumatic systems without having to involve the machine's control system.

•    Smart pneumatics analyzer - A “starter kit” for Edge Computing, with which the IIoT capability can be started and which offers the overall insights.


Vacuum technologies

    Few automated processes require as much energy, sensitivity, and versatility as vacuum-operated handling. Variations in force, workpiece material, and shape require many configurations and adjustments. Their ejectors, grippers and non-contact options work with the most delicate and difficult materials.


•    Ejectors - Single-stage, multi-stage and compact ejectors allow a wide variety of different materials to be handled and adapted to numerous applications.

•    Vacuum suction cups - Universal and specialized products for use in difficult handling, with irregular parts, and when lifting heavy loads.

•    Contact-free transport systems - Hygienically designed grippers are ideally suited for the difficult handling tasks involved in the packaging of food.

•    Accessories for vacuum - Filters, flow valves, and other necessary accessories that are required to protect against contamination, to provide the shut-off function, and for other tasks.


Sensors and controls

    Emerson offers a wide variety of sensor and control technologies that are essential for dozens of applications including the most precise machinery in factories, industrial showers, wellheads on remote oil rigs, and many more. Products and solutions from ASCO, AVENTICS, and TopWorx measure and regulate proximity, pressure, temperature, and flow in electronically or pneumatically controlled processes and work with most communication protocols.


•    VALVE display - Precise valve monitoring for all environments that is compatible with any bus system, valve system, or actuator.

•    Proximity sensor - Compact sensors for universal applications, with variable cable length, connection capacity, and sensor mounting options.

•    Pressure switch - Compact switches for measuring compressed air and non-aggressive gases, compatible with various process connections

•    Temperature switch - Multiple setting options to meet the needs of industrial applications and provide highly accurate readings.

•    Magnetic proximity sensor - Sensors that are suitable for high-precision and compact applications, with high reliability and easy assembly.

•    Distance measurement sensor - Analog sensors for precise motion measurement, including distance, gap, thickness tolerance, and counting applications

•    Electric pressure sensor - Pressure and vacuum sensors with a wide range of electrical connection options suitable for a wide variety of applications.

•    Flow sensor - Sensors for monitoring air flow, pressure and temperature in supply lines with the option of expanding the IIoT functionality.

•    Speed time measuring device - Monitoring of cylinders and magnetic pistons with a choice of electrical connections and support of position sensors

•    Pneumatic position monitoring - A robust workpiece position sensor with high resistance to mechanical impacts and contamination.

•    Sensor mounts - Numerous mounting and bracket kits, both rotatable and linear, to suit your specific application.

•    Control of cooker hood - Pressure switches and sensors for optimizing applications in bulk material handling, powder conveying, and air filtration.

•    Mechanical pressure switches - Robust adjustable and non-adjustable pressure switches

•    Pneumatic proximity sensor - For reliable control of pneumatic valves and cylinders, including end stroke sensors for very harsh environments.

•    Inductive proximity sensor - Non-tactile sensors that detect metal objects in a confined space, suitable for sensitive or robust applications.



    Outstanding valve and valve system technology require excellent connection technology and accessory components. Emerson understands that when it comes to optimizing applications and making customizations easy, the finer details and accessories are critical to the final steps. They have developed fittings, flow regulators, meters, switches, assemblies, and other accessories with the same precision and expertise that characterize our core offering in order to provide the most reliable, comprehensive application solutions.


•    Controller and sequencer - For controlling up to 48 solenoid valves, including integrated microprocessors with high immunity to interference.

•    Electrical connection technologies - Numerous plugs and electrical connections that connect valve systems with active process components and Fieldbus systems.

•    Fittings and pipes - Versatile selection of fittings and tubes with easy installation in numerous pneumatic applications and systems.

•    Collection tanks - With steel housing and welded end covers for use in dust extraction systems with high flow capacity.

•    Manometer - Durable products such as mechanical pressure switches, regulators with pressure gauges and holders for filters, pressure regulators, and oilers that enable reliable measurements.

•    Silencer - Robust, speed-controlled silencers and silencers that keep contaminants away from demanding applications.

•    Magnetic heads and valves - A wide variety of electrically and mechanically operated designs that can be used to tailor the valves to your application.

•    Filter screens - Filter inserts and sieves for applications in which the process medium must not contain any foreign bodies.

•    Connection technology for pneumatic applications - Union nuts, couplings, pipelines, and plug-in connections for a wide range of applications with numerous connection types

•    Auxillary valves for actuator control - Spring-loaded, compact, multi-purpose valves with free flow in one direction and adjustable flow in the other


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