GAGEMAKER approved MICTRAC calibration
General Tech Services is the only Authorised Services & Calibration Center for Gagemaker in the Middle East

The Gagemaker MIC TRAC™ 3000 Series Gage Setting and Part Measurement System sets or zeros most gages with the standard resolution of .00005″, accuracies ranging from ±.0001″ to ±.0004″ (traceable to the NIST), and the digital read out is CE approved. The cost effective Force-Lok feature improves repeatability from operator to operator and is well suited for a variety of environments including the shop floor.

The Gagemaker In-House MIC TRAC™ 4000 Series Precision Gage Calibration System enables you to inspect parts, calibrate and track a wide variety of gage styles, including ring and plugs. This innovative high precision metrology system with 1.00″ travel guarantees extremely high accuracies to ±.00005 and a resolution of .00001″ (traceable to the NIST appropriate national standard). This system also enables you to track and maintain gage history as well as produces calibration certificates.

But how do you calibrate Mic trac's? Earlier you'd have to send it back to Gagemaker for re-calibration. However, now General Tech can calibrate Mic trac's in UAE. Using reference instruments with higher accuracy, we are now equipped to have the Mic Trac's calibrated for you in UAE. You can have the instrument calibrated and returned in days and not weeks anymore !