Thermal Imaging Services
In addition to selling new thermal imagers, we also offer the best thermal inspection services in UAE.

What is Thermal Imaging?


With the help of infrared technology, thermal imaging is a sophisticated non-invasive method for identifying heat emissions coming from different kinds of objects. It is through this process that the infrared energy—which is invisible to the human eye—becomes visible light. The foundation of thermal imaging is the variations in the infrared (IR), or thermal, energy emitted by all objects above absolute zero temperature.

One essential element of preventive maintenance strategies in industrial settings is thermal imaging. Thermal imaging can dramatically increase operational efficiency and safety by making it possible to detect abnormal heat patterns, such as those brought on by overloads or approaching equipment failures.

With the use of infrared thermography, minor issues can be found and fixed before they become catastrophic. Unusual vibrations or noises can be used in industrial settings to identify some equipment problems, but many other issues don't have such clear symptoms. Thermal patterns can identify many electrical issues, which if left unchecked could result in equipment failure or a more dangerous electrical hazard. It can be exceedingly challenging to locate moisture issues in walls and ceilings before they worsen and endanger the building's contents.

Thermal imaging camera applications


Inspection of equipment and machinery - In addition to other equipment, it can inspect motors, transformers, boilers, and furnaces. This facilitates maintenance planning and prevents catastrophic failures by making it possible to identify problems like bearing wear, motor overheating, and malfunctioning electronic components.

Quality Assurance - Ensuring the products' quality is crucial in an industrial manufacturing chain. In this situation, a thermal imaging camera can spot difficulties with heat dispersion in manufacturing processes, broken cooling systems, and faults in the welding process.

Inspection of electrical installations - Industrial surroundings might be dangerous due to overheated wires or faulty electrical connections. Electrical panels, power distribution systems, and wiring can all have hot spots.

How can General Tech Services help you?


Our team comprises of highly experienced thermography engineers who can offer the best thermal imaging services available in the United Arab Emirates. If you're looking for electrical thermography services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE, you can trust us.

Using high quality equipment and training, we constantly make sure that our performance is continuously optimised.

We are also distributors of thermal imagers and cameras.

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