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Offering both ISO accredited and 17025 calibration services in UAE from 1998, we have grown over the years to be the widest 17025 EIAC accredited laboratory. Serving customers in Aviation, Marine, Manufacturing, Power Transmission, Hospitals, Oil & Gas, Defence & Water treatment we cater to customer requirements from all industries.

We maintain a fleet of over 20 service vehicles to provide quick onsite calibration services. Our 10,000 square foot facility provides a quality environment where we offer a vast array of calibration services.

With offices in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, we offer quick, high quality calibration services throughout UAE. When you calibrate your equipment with us, you can be assured that you’re getting the best calibration services in UAE. All of instruments are traceable to National or International standards. While we adhere to international standards, if you have a requirement, we can calibrate accordingly as well

Also being the authorised service & distributor of Mitutoyo, NORBAR, SNAP ON, WIKA, Gagemaker, MARK 10 we can supply & service for all your product requirements. Click here to know more

We at General Const Lab Calibration (part of General Tech Services) is proud to offer you one-stop solutions for all of your calibration services and new tool requirements.

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Dimensional Calibration

The calibration lab at General Tech, known as General Construction Lab Calibration, has been serving varied industries with dimensional calibration services and certified reporting for years. It is a leading, full-service calibration lab with the credentials and services to assure your measuring hand tools and instruments measure precisely and efficiently. Our dimensional calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of measuring hand tools, from calipers and stop watches to angle plates and irons, as well as micrometer calibration, gauge calibration, and calibration of masters and standards.
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Electrical Calibration

For convenient electrical or electronic calibration of meters and other instruments, General Construction Lab Calibration is your most reliable source.
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Pressure Calibration

Routine pressure calibration will help ensure the accuracy and precision of your pressure instruments. The use of reliable instruments is essential for efficiency, quality and safety.
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Temperature Calibration

We at GCLC offer services to meet all of your calibration needs including DAC (Dubai Accredited Centre) accredited and traceable temperature calibration for ovens, furnaces and temperature-reading instruments.
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Humidity Calibration

Humidity calibration is a necessity for keeping humidity-reading instruments operating reliably and within accuracy specifications for a reasonable length of time. Humidity is a major environmental factor in many processes and manufacturing facilities, therefore, maintaining reliable instruments for the accurate measurement of relative humidity is critical for quality control.
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Torque Calibration

Companies that work with torque instruments find that maintaining traceability and reliable measurement with routine torque calibration supports the quality of their operations.
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Mass Calibration

We at GCLC provide a range of mass calibration services including balance calibration, scale calibration, weight calibration and comparator calibration at our climate-controlled facility in Sharjah, UAE.
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Volumetric Calibration

We provide services for a variety of volumetric instruments including pipettes calibration, beakers calibration and burettes.
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Flow Calibration

We at GCLC provide services for a variety of flow instruments including flow meter calibration, anemometer calibration, velocity meter and hydrometer calibration.
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Force Calibration

Instruments such as dynamometers, force gauges and load cells are dependent on accurate force calibration in order to consistently deliver their specified performance.
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Bio Medical Calibration

Our biomedical calibration services provide the highest level of accuracy, traceability, and reliability possible. Conductivity/pH meters, defibrillator analyzers, infusion pump analyzers, flow meters and patient simulators are only a few examples of the instruments we calibrate.
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NDT Calibration

NDT Calibration Services,  Ultrasonic flaw detectors, Ultrasonic thickness meters, Bond testers, Eddy current flaw detectors, Photometers and radiometers, Conductivity meters and blocks, MPI equipment, Ultra Violet (UV) Meters, Light Meters,Gauss Meters
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pH & Other Instruments

pH & Water Quality Calibration
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Gas Analyser & Detector Calibration

Gas Analyser & Detector Calibration
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Sound Calibration

Our sound calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of sound measuring tools
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