PhyMetrix Inc. a global provider of advanced sensing and measurement instruments assembled a renowned team of Scientists and Engineers to research and design a revolutionary line of measurement instruments to meet today’s market needs.

Phymetrix is a manufacturer of cutting-edge equipment for trace moisture measurement. Their lineup includes bench top moisture analyzers and a full range of quick, precise, lightweight, portable dew point metres. The only analyzers that can accept samples from low-pressure sampling sources are our benchtop dewpoint metres since they are equipped with an inbuilt vacuum pump.
Because of its special qualities, Phymetrix analyzers are the most recommended tool for determining the dewpoint in SF6 gases. Phymetrix dewpoint analyzers are the best for measuring moisture in natural gas because of their powerful, cutting-edge nanopore sensor technology and their durable, waterproof casings.
In addition to services offered in South America, Europe, and the Far East, Phymetrix has a full-service moisture calibration facility certified by NIST in the USA.

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