Products from Flexbar include industrial borescopes, optical and video inspection/measurement devices, machine safety guards, precision gauges and testers, Reprorubber® and Facsimile®, our renowned metrology grade replica and casting materials.

Reprorubber® is an exotic metrology-grade rubber that self-cures in minutes. It produces an external and internal form replica casting that is almost flawless. Reprorubber® works wonders for optical comparators, jewellery inspection, metal components, alloys, glass, ceramics, plastics, wood, marble, paper, cardboard, and much more! It is 100 times faster than RTV silicons, non-toxic, simple to use, and never needs a releasing agent.

Compared to other hard-copy reproducing materials, Reprorubber has a number of advantages.

  • Casting quickly with no shrinkage
  • Release agent not necessary; portion will not stick to
  • Via the use of an optical comparator or video inspection device, the surface finish reproduction is precise and has outstanding optical qualities.
  • Recopies of the original mould are possible.
  • Replicas cannot ooze, gas, or seep out; they are permanent.
  • No need for the same 16-hour cure period as RTV silicones

General Tech Services is an authorised distributor and stockist of Flexbar products

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