Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd, a part of the Halma family, comes under a group of organizations dedicated to providing safety, health, and environmental technologies to support organizations across multiple industries. They provide both single and multi-gas monitors, enabling personal and larger-scale monitoring.

      Manufactured in the UK, Crowcon products can be segmented into fixed and portables gas monitoring solutions. While single gas portable monitors such as H2S, CO, LEL, O2 exist there are also multi-gas monitoring solutions such as T3 and Gas Pro. In addition, gas monitoring solutions with pumps also exist for cases where a confined area usage is applicable. Different calibration gases for the calibration of gas detectors are also available. General tech services is the authorized distributor for CROWCON in Saudi Arabia.




  • Portable gas detectors
  • Control panels
  • Fixed gas detectors
  • Data solutions
  • Flue gas analyzers



Portable Gas Detectors

Protection against a wide range of industrial gas hazards with single gas and multi-gas monitors for personal monitoring and portable safety applications.
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Control Panels

Combined with a variety of detector types, our control panels offer a flexible range of solutions which are able to measure flammable, toxic and oxygen gases, report their presence and activate alarms or associated equipment. Fixed gas monitoring systems are designed to be interfaced with manual call points, fire and gas detectors and distributed control systems (DCS). In addition, each system can be engineered to drive remote annunciators and mimic panels
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Fixed Gas Detectors

Flexible range of products that are able to measure flammable, toxic, and oxygen gases, report their presence, and activate alarms or associated equipment.
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Flue Gas Analysers

Portable flue gas analysis and complimentary leak detection products
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