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As part of Emerson Automation Solutions, AVENTICS is one of the world’s leading product brands for pneumatic components and systems. The pneumatic engineering brand provides products and services for industrial automation, as well as the food, packaging, medical, and energy technology industries. For our pneumatic brand, we also develop solutions for the commercial vehicles, marine, and railway technology sectors.

Emerson's innovative pneumatic solutions from AVENTICS provide precise and long-lasting operation for your machine automation applications.

When OEMs and manufacturers need reliable and innovative pneumatics solutions, they look to Emerson’s extensive AVENTICS portfolio of cylinders, valves, air preparation and pressure regulators, engineered in Germany. With a compact design and low-maintenance technology to actuate machinery, our pneumatics can be trusted to deliver reliable and efficient operation even in the most demanding applications and environments.


Cylinders drives and Cylinder accessories

AVENTICS pneumatic cylinders: piston rod cylinders, rodless cylinders, and rotary drives – high performance, versatile, reliable
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Valves and valve systems

From the mechanically, pneumatically or electrically actuated single valve to highly functional, modular valve systems and fieldbus connections, the AVENTICS product range covers all valve requirements
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Pressure regulators

AVENTICS ensures precisely controlled pressure in a wide range of applications with electopneumatically or manually operated pressure regulators, as well as pressure relief valves
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