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AP tech- Advanced Pressure Technology

AP Tech, also known as Advanced Pressure Technology, is a manufacturer of gas handling components – primarily pressure regulators and valves. AP Tech’s forte is products to deliver specialty gases for high purity through ultra-high purity applications. Starting from the source vessel to point of use and into the process tool or equipment itself, AP Tech products are known to deliver gases with uncompromising quality, performance and reliability. The company sets the ultimate standard for service and support, traits that are now synonymous with the brand – AP Tech.

    A wide array of gas delivery products is available to address almost every application. From the challenges of a corrosive gas source panel to the fine control required at the point of use for the process, AP Tech products deliver high performance under pressure.

    The company was founded in 1987 by Rene Zakhour, an industry veteran. His goal was to build reliable products backed by service and support. Today, now a global leader in our primary markets of the semiconductor and electronics industries, AP Tech continues to strive for Rene’s goals under his direction and his urging to excel at what we do. It is that simple. Several grades of surface finishes are available depending upon the product series. The AP series has a 15, 10, 7, and 5 available conservatively measured in microinches to a Ra max protocol. The AZ is standard with a 10 Ra and optional 25 Ra finish, also in microinches. The AK and KT have coarser finishes appropriate for their applications of 64 Ra micro inch. A surface profilometer is used to verify a product’s surface profile on measurable wetted surfaces while microscopes are used to ensure a burr and void-free wetted area. An electropolishing and passivation step completes the surface treatment process for all of our AP and AZ products. A post EP visual inspection verifies previous inspections and the EP process. Surface chemistries are routinely analyzed and verified by an independent lab. The primary materials of construction are secondary remelt (VAR) 316L stainless steel, single melt 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy C-22®, and brass. Material heat lot codes are permanently marked on the UHP products and mill certifications are maintained as permanent records.


Product range

  • Single stage regulators
  • Single stage high pressure regulators
  • Two stage regulators
  • Mini regulators
  • Single stage springless pressure regulators
  • Crossover manifolds
  • Pneumatically actuated regulator
  • Single Stage Vaporizer regulator
  • Back pressure regulators


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