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Mitutoyo 154-902 | Small Hole Gauge Set 3-13mm



Mitutoyo 154-902 | Small Hole Gauge Set 3-13mm
Brand : Mitutoyo Image Brand
Part Number : 154-902
Stock Status : In Stock

A set of four Mitutoyo transfer gauges that enables the diameters of holes and bores to be measured with a 0-25mm (0-1”) outside micrometer. In operation the two sprung leaves of a gauge are expanded into light contact with a hole wall by using the knurled rotary adjuster on the end of the handle, after which the gauge is carefully withdrawn so that the dimension across the leaves, which is now the same as the hole diameter, can be measured. Enables small hole or bore measurement using existing workshop tools. Knurled finish provides secure handling and easy locking.

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