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Vision Engineering Mantis Compact | 3D Visual Inspection Microscope



Vision Engineering Mantis Compact | 3D Visual Inspection Microscope
Brand : Vision Engineering
Part Number : Mantis Compact
Stock Status : Out of Stock

Since its introduction, Vision Engineering's Mantis has become the accepted standard for ergonomics and high performance magnification.

Mantis offers users 3D imaging with unrivalled clarity and comfort – without microscope eyepieces. Businesses choose Mantis because they know their operators are more efficient, more accurate and more productive. So the operator benefits and so does the business.

“Wow!” The most common reaction when looking into a Mantis for the first time...

Mantis Compact brings users many benefits for a wide range of inspection, manipulation or rework tasks.

An ergonomic body position makes Mantis more comfortable, less fatiguing and, more importantly, much easier to use. Plus, since there are no microscope eyepieces, operators can sit back from Mantis, making viewing and co-ordination tasks an entirely natural experience.

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