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Cromwell 436.1XRL-5 | 4-5 inch Outside Micrometer



Cromwell 436.1XRL-5 | 4-5 inch Outside Micrometer
Brand : Cromwell
Part Number : 436.1XRL-5
Stock Status : Out of Stock

These are the most popular precision micrometers used by skilled workmen worldwide. They are accurate, rugged and easy to use. Micro-lapped finish on HSS anvil and one piece extra-rigid spindle. Supplied with ratchet stop and locknut. Forged frames with black enamel finish. 4 models available: 436.1XRL-1: Range: 0-1". Graduation: .001" 436.1XRL-4: Range: 3-4". Graduation: .001" 436.1XRL-5: Range: 4-5". Graduation: .001" 436.1XRL-6: Range: 5-6". Graduation: .001"

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