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Cromwell 122-128 | 3-4 inch Blade Micrometer



Cromwell 122-128 | 3-4 inch Blade Micrometer
Brand : Cromwell
Part Number : 122-128
Stock Status : Out of Stock
Series 122 For the measurement of narrow grooves in forming tools, shaft diameters, keyways, splines, etc. The spindle is non-rotating, the anvils hardened and precision lapped. Made of forged steel the frame is fitted with heat plates. The sleeve and thimble are satin finished. Blade thickness: 0.030" (0.75mm). Measuring depth: 0.25" (6.5mm). Parallelism: 0.00012"/3µm up to 2"/50mm. (3+L/100)mm, (0.00012+0.00004L/4)" for models over 2"/50mm. Graduation: 0.0001" (0.01mm). Blade dimensions: a: 0.256" (6.5mm). b: 0.236" (6mm). c: 0.030" (0.75mm). Accuracy: ±3mm for up to 75mm. ±4mm for 75 - 100mm. Inch.
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